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Total control over how you socialize with people

Total Control

Kino provides tools to filter out what content you want to see based on a wide variety of factors.


Kino makes use of the blockchain technology to safeguard your data and your account.


There’s no entity governing Kino. No company to benefit off of your data. No censorship and no abuse.


Transact directly with your contacts using our own Kino Token. Find out more about it here.

Secure and easy authentication

Fast and easy account creation and login by simply connecting your crypto wallet. No extra passwords and verifications needed.

Crypto wallets are more secure than traditional e-mail and password authentication and above all else, you won’t have to give away your private details unless you want to.

Familiar, yet intuitive

Our goal is to deliver a great user experience for our users while not reinventing the wheel. All the features you need plus the ones that you always wanted and didn’t get.

Insightful and beautiful profile pages where people can get in touch with you and engage with your content.

Multiple feeds for multiple needs

On Kino you can actually separate friends and family from business. View only the content you want to see without any other distractions.

Kino allows you to create separate feeds based on a multitude of filters that will only display the content you’re actually looking for, from the people you trust the most.

Powerful content filtering

Our powerful filtering options allow users to granularly add conditions that will determine who appears on their feed, and with what content.

Show or hide posts based on keywords, hashtags, authors and many other factors. We provide you with all the filtering options you need to ensure that you only see what really interests you.

Integrated payments with Kino Token

Pay and get paid for content and advertising without the middle man and without ever leaving our platform through our utility token, $KINO.

Since Kino requires users to authenticate with their wallets, it also has an integrated payments system in place, powered by the Kino Token which allows you to make fast and secure payments straight on the platform, without the middle man.

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