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We’re building a decentralized social media platform

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Initial Supply

1 Quad

Initial Burn


LP Lock

5 Years

Buy/Sell Fee


Everyone benefits from our transaction fees

We charge a 10% fee on every transaction involving our token and distribute that in a way that enables our project to move further.









Limited for less concerns

We’ve set up some limits to the maximum transaction amount and wallet size to have less concerns about whales.

3% Max Transaction

Percentage of total supply

3% Max Wallet Size

Percentage of total supply

A decentralized social media platform for full control over content

We are building a decentralized social media platform where users have full control over their content - no censorship, no governing body. You make your own rules. You read and post what you want.


We’re actively working to both promote our project and give investors incentive, as well as working on our product to ensure we will deliver a great user experience.

Initial Marketing

December 2021 - January 2022

The initial marketing push aims to reach a sustainable above-million marketcap that will prove people we have a handful of investors that are really interested in our product.

Product Prototype

January 2022

The first step into demonstrating people how Kino will work is to build a prototype of the platform that will allow users to navigate through its experience and get a taste of what’s coming.

Team Expansion

February - March 2022

We’ll be actively looking to hire 1 or 2 back-end/blockchain developers to help us go from a prototype to a fully working application where people can actually interact with eachother.

Public Beta

June 2022

In the BETA version we will gradually add all the planned features such as payment system, advertising system, content selling, etc. while constantly grabbing feedback and preparing for a full release.

Exchange Listing

Before September 2022

Once we implement the payment system into Kino, we need to ensure that people have a relatively easy way to buy Kino Tokens in order to enable them to leverage the payment features.

Kino Launch

September 2022

At launch, our product will have all the planned features ready for people to enjoy and start changing they way we socialize online.

Kino Exchange

Before end of 2022

Our ultimate goal besides the product is to build our own Exchange where people can buy Kino Tokens directly inside the platform, without having to go through unwanted registration processes on other exchanges.

Take a look at our platform

The Kino platform is aiming to truly change how we do social networking through an outstanding user experience and feature set.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who's behind Kino?

Kino has been created by Cosmin Negoita, a product designer and front end developer from Romania. You can visit Cosmin's website, check his work on Dribbble and stay in touch with him on LinkedIn.

Has the liquidity pool been locked?

Yes. The liquididty pool has been locked on Mudra Locker for 5 years. This means nobody will be able to withdraw it in the next 5 years. You can see the lock link here.

Has the contract been renounced?

No. We are not planning to renounce the contract because we might be doing changes to the token transaction taxes based on marketing campaigns and community votes.

Why are there transaction and wallet limits?

The community have asked for a measure to avoid having whales. While this can still be avoided by having multiple wallets and making multiple transactions, it deters people who want to make a big buy or sell, thus reducing the temporary impact such an action would bring.

Are there any dev wallets?

The only wallet we own is the MArketing Wallet which usually stays around or below %5. You can view the wallet here.

What's the Kino Token utility?

Kino Token will be used as the official currency on the Kino social media platform. It will be used to pay for advertising as well as paying other users to unlock paid content.

Will the platform still have the .finance extension?

No. The .finance TLD has been chose because it is more familiar for crypto investors. The Kino platform will have a more common domain.

Is Kino building a metaverse?

No. We have no plans to build a metaverse yet. We will be beuilding a decentralized social media platform which should attract a lot of users when it's launched. A metaverse might be something we'll build in the distant future.

Is Kino listed on any exchange?

No. Kino Tokens are currently available just on PancakeSwap. We plan to get listed on an exchange before June, when the BETA version gets released.